Kynoch 1788

'' The story of Kynoch starts more than 200 years ago with the establishment of a bleach-field for flax in Keith. When George Kynoch gave his name to the business, he could not have imagined the latest chapter is of a brand still, creating vibrant, exciting fabric designs from the Scottish Borders. Desired around the world, as they were in the 1930’s, when they were exhibited in London at the British Textile Fair and selected by Hollywood film stars and Royalty alike.

A progressive company Kynoch grew rapidly and became the centre of woollen cloth production in Scotland. Travelling to the United States and Europe to visit customers we established a reputation for being able to create fabrics that perform and deliver the look requested.

Inspired by our history we still enjoy creating cloth which has a feeling of relaxed luxury for our modern lifestyles.

Kynoch’s home is the Scottish Borders town of Langholm, or as the locals would call her the “Muckle Toon”. A beautiful location with a prestigious textile reputation stretching back centuries, at its peak there were 10 textile mills in Langholm and this textile town was known around the world. An area of beguiling beauty as three rivers intersect Esk, Ewes, and Wachope along the valley floor. As the quiet of the hills rise majestically as far as the eye can see. The only punctuation on the skyline is Malcolm’s monument, the thin obelisk of stone reaching to the sky, reminiscent to many of the modern towers built to celebrate the Millenium. Dating back to 1835 the Langholm Monument on Whita Hill is a good walk and some say “a day out of sight of the monument, is a day wasted” It’s a beauty that pierces the soul.

Textile skills have been handed down through generations. There is a warmth to the history of Langholm’s yesterdays which walks hand-in-hand with today and tomorrow. A quiet dignity and pride in the people and a job well done''