Though for many sustainability is a topical trend, at Sterling Cloth it has been our way all along. The fundamentals of sustainability have been at the core of our family run business since the beginning.

Through our valued and longstanding relationships with the local mills in Yorkshire, we source and give a second life to over makes, dead-stock and end of lines by bringing them to our global customer base at low minimums and affordable prices. We are proud to unearth some true gems whilst preventing precious luxury textiles going to waste.

In 2020, we expanded our supply base to work with some of the finest Italian mills on the same principles. This has allowed us to enhance our product offering and bring our sustainable approach to fashion and textiles to an even wider audience, especially women's wear and accessories.

Sterling Cloth ensure that both ourselves and all mills we work with comply with corporate social responsibility, ensuring the dyes, yarns, manufacturing and resulting cloths have minimal impact upon the environment.

All in house packaging and office consumable usage is kept to a minimum, recycled where possible and is in the process of being replenished with sustainable options with the aim to eliminate single use plastics.

Sterling Cloth continually review our practices in line with the global movement and are committed to implement additional changes and improvements as they arise.