About Us

Sterling Cloth is a proud second generation family run company, firmly established in the heart of Yorkshire, England. Since the 19th century, Yorkshire has been the destination for fine cloth and to this day continues to supply the world's leading fashion houses and tailors. The industry strives for excellence and pushes innovation to allow us to fulfill and inspire the needs of the modern consumer.
Sterling Cloth offers a comprehensive range of cloths for all components of the modern wardrobe. Our offer is available to purchase online allowing inclusive access to all, from individual retailers, independent designers and tailors to wholesalers worldwide.
Every customer is an individual and our excellent customer service team take time to fully understand your requirements and needs. With direct access to leading textile mills throughout the county we are able to bring your design ideas to reality.
We take great pride not only in our company but also the Yorkshire textile industry as a whole. We strive to make this exquisite cloth available to all and therefore supply any length from a whole piece (rolls) to half pieces and cut lengths.
Our passion and pride for fine Yorkshire cloth; and excellent customer service truly makes us 'The Portal for Fine British Textiles'.